10-Layer HDI board with via in pad design and ENEPIG finish.

6-Layer HDI board with double cavity design based on I-Tera MT40 material and ENEPIG finish.

2-Layer High Frequency board with NiAu edge plating, based on Rogers RO4003 substrate.

6-Layer HDI board with ENEPIG finish for wire bond applications.

6-Layer HDI board with Via in Pad design and ENIG finish.

8-Layer HDI board with Via in Pad design and ENIG & OSP finish.

Since 1990, Eurotronics delivers state-of-the-art- Printed Circuit Board technologies to the unique requirements of each customer.

Our business consists of customer support during the design process (design for manufacturing), manufacturing and marketing of Printed Circuit Boards for amongst others satellite navigation, renewable energy, industrial, medical and numerous other professional high-tech applications.

Fine-tuning between design and manufacturing process can optimize both development and production, and therefore we invest in long term strategic partnerships.

Eurotronics represents one of the finest production facilities in Asia and in addition, our staff has over 35 years collective actual Printed Circuit Board manufacturing and engineering experience. On top of know-how, we offer an honest advice and personal involvement in all stages of the relationship with our customers.

We strive for Integration of Advanced Technologies into your products: Gradually the most recent ideas and technologies will be streamlined and implemented in the production process. We provide creative and flexible solutions with on-time delivery performance.

Eventually, a good Printed Circuit Board is the basis of the most complex electronic application.

Grote Hondstraat 32
2018 Antwerp, Belgium
Phone : +32 (0)3 281 16 99
Email : eurotronics@eurotronics.be

As an answer to miniaturization and ever higher demands for all kinds of electronic applications, Eurotronics and it's partner production facility are in constant search for the most advanced Printed Circuit Board technologies.

Our HDI production plant is perfectly set-up to do the job.

4 Layer HDI Rigid-Flex.

Eurotronics offers consistent and high-quality Printed Circuit Board technologies according to the strictest quality and environmental demands.

Our partner production facility maintains the ISO9001 and TS16949 standards and produces according to the latest IPC standards for materials, production and test methods.