Ethics is of great importance to us! That's why Eurotronics has build up a long term strategic partnership with one of the finest Printed Circuit Board production facilities in the world to make sure high quality Printed Circuit Board technologies are guaranteed with repect for human rights and the strictest environmental demands.

Our partner production facility maintains the ISO9001 and TS16949 norms and produces according to the latest IPC standards for materials, production and test methods. All your Printed Circuit Boards are produced according to the latest RoHS and Reach guidelines.

Together with the ISO14001 environmental management system, we make sure your PCB's will be produced with the lowest possible environmental risk.

This way we can structurally control emission, waste disposal, used raw materials and energy to guarantee our future.

Eurotronics attaches great value to quality just to ensure that only PCB's that meet your quality requirements are delivered.

The quality management system is guaranteed by a fully integrated ERP system and well maintained calibration processes. Every single PCB is inspected according to IPC A-600H class 2 and pursuant to customer specifications. At explicit request we can even guarantee IPC Class 3.

Design For Manufacturing (DFM)

During quoting, the design undergoes a first design for manufacturability check. Advisable improvements are undertaken in consultation with our clients.

Prior to production, the manufacturing files are submitted to the customer for sign off. Necessary or advisable changes in the build up or the layout are realized only with the consent of the customer.

Production Parameter Control

Production parameters are controlled by a factory automation system. Critical parameters such as track width, via diameter, registration etc, are controlled by an in-process sampling inspection plan (carried out by AOI).

For high reliability projects a cross-function team will be appointed to guide the entire production process and on request a production part approval process (PPAP) can be set-up.

Automatic Optical Inspection (AOI)

According to IPC-A-610. All Layers are subject to a 100% Automatic Optical Inspection. This test ensures that all tracks and pads will have the required dimensions and will match the required pattern.

The Copper pattern is continuously compared to the original Gerber data.


All our PCB’s are tested electrically at the end of the manufacturing process. In addition to the usual open and short tests, performed with and Adapter Tester (Jig) or Flying Probe Tester, we can provide Impedance Control measurement, Current Leakage, Capacitive and Inductive Load tests and High Voltage tests.

Micro section

Standard procedure for any production batch. Micro-sections are important to check the correct metallization bonds, because not all inaccuracies can be assessed with AOI and E-test.

Those hidden defects may manifest themselves during assembly or even as field failures! All plating processes are tested according to IPC-TM-650, procedure 2.6.8.

Final Inspection

Every single PCB is thoroughly inspected by IPC certified personnel to ensure that only printed circuit boards of perfect quality will be shipped to our customers.

The boards are not only inspected by microscope, also additional tests such as ionic contamination tests, solder mask adhesive tests etc are a standard procedure.

Certificate of Compliance (CoC)

By default all our PCB’s are shipped with a Certificate of Compliance (CoC), Micro-section (if required X-ray Fluorescence measurement) with report and Stack-Up measurement.

On customers request a First Article Inspection Report is available.

RoHS & Reach

In accordance with the European Directive regarding Substances of Very High Concern (as provided by ECHA) our PCB’s are regularly submitted to tests to determine the concentration of 53 defines Substances of Very High Concern. Test Reports will be provided yearly or at specific customer request.

Begin to end Traceability

Demanding applications require thoroughly documented traceability, particularly during production.

This requires not only the date code of the finished PCB, but the entire line of raw materials can be traced towards production lot and are demonstrably verifiable, particularly the used laminates.


Time to market is crucial in a highly competitive market environment. To eliminate secondary qualification procedures, the manufacturing is carried out with the same processes and machines that are used for subsequent series production.

In addition to production Eurotronics offers optimized services in the field of logistics, transportation and stock control.