Depending on the application, Eurotronics offers the proper technology for the fabrication of your Circuit design.

HDI (High Density Interconnection) reduces the number of layers and increases the density. This concerns drastic reduction of the via size (down to 50µm) and higher aspect ratios.

As an answer to miniaturization and ever higher demands for all kinds of electronic applications, Eurotronics and it's partner production facility are in constant search for the most advanced Printed Circuit Board technologies, such as micro via and very fine-line technology.

Blind & buried via technology ensures a high signal integrity, combined with a very efficient use of surface. To ensure reliable HDI-circuitries, Vertical Continuous Plating Lines (VCP) are being used for the creation of ultra fine lines and Laser Drilling or X-ray Drilling for mechanical manipulation of the Circuit Board.

Our advanced HDI production plant is perfectly set-up to do the job.

Innovation has always been our fascination.

The future has a lot to offer in this field, just think of Printed Circuit Boards with integrated optical conductors or integrated transformers.

One step further is the integration of passive and active components such as microprocessors. The printed circuit board plays an important role in the realization of the most complex electronic systems.

Eurotronics considers it as its task to keep track of the constant evolution of the latest technologies and innovations and to continuously evolve our experience and knowledge.

That is why Eurotronics is a full member of EDM, the Electronic Design & Manufacturing program from IMEC.